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The 10 Greatest College Sports Rivalries

When it comes to sports rivalries, colleges have that market cornered with very long histories and colorful stories. Rivalries come with passion and hatred from both schools for each other. We’ll take a look at the greatest rivalries in college sports today. 10. Louisville and Kentucky – The Cardinals and Wildcats have had a storied [...]

The 10 Greatest Professional Sports Rivalries

Los Angele Dodgers Vs San Francisco Giants This is an intense rivalry in the National League West. Los Angeles Lakers Vs Boston Celtics These are two of the most popular teams of all time in basketball. New York Yankees Vs Boston Red Sox As two historic teams, they both go at it every year. Muhammad [...]

5 College Football Rivalries That Have Shaped The Sport

College football is all based on tradition. The strongest, most traditional rivalries have essentially shaped the sport and made it what it is today. Although there are some flourishing rivalries now, they can’t stand the test of time over these. Georgia vs. Florida The worlds largest cocktail party can get a bit messy, but when [...]

Ohio State Vs. Michigan: College Football’s Greatest Rivalry

For as long as sport fans can remember, the Ohio State University rivalry between the neighboring state’s University of Michigan team, has been an ongoing battle. The Michigan Wolverines, along with the Ohio Buckeyes, have made it known how much they dislike the opposing team. This is more than just a friendly rivalry. This rivalry [...]


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