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Ohio State Vs. Michigan: College Football’s Greatest Rivalry

For as long as sport fans can remember, the Ohio State University rivalry between the neighboring state’s University of Michigan team, has been an ongoing battle. The Michigan Wolverines, along with the Ohio Buckeyes, have made it known how much they dislike the opposing team. This is more than just a friendly rivalry. This rivalry is considered a big deal and an even bigger game. Each year, this match-up, is both teams’ final game of the season. With sell-out crowds, it is a game no one wants to miss! To keep both teams happy, the location of where the game is held rotates each year. You can find a quick rundown here Regardless of its location, it always is a sellout. Those who are fortunate enough to have tickets can sell them and make a hefty profit. Those wanting to attend the game are usually willing to throw down a significant amount of money in order to do so.

Since the states are so close to each other, it is no surprise that the attendance of the games is almost split evenly between each teams’ fans. The Buckeye fans will sport their red and white attire, while the Wolverine fans wear their maize and blue colors.

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