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5 College Football Rivalries That Have Shaped The Sport

College football is all based on tradition. The strongest, most traditional rivalries have essentially shaped the sport and made it what it is today. Although there are some flourishing rivalries now, they can’t stand the test of time over these.

Georgia vs. Florida

The worlds largest cocktail party can get a bit messy, but when it comes to SEC country, it is one of the best and best rivalries currently played today.

USC vs Notre Dame

Two traditional powerhouses travel across the country to meet each other, and although they don’t play in the same conference, it does make for a national relevant game, even if each of the schools have had their own situations in the past few years.Additional information can be found at

Michigan vs. Ohio State

Sports Illustrated and ESPN have named this rivalry not only the best in college sports, but in all of sports in general (ahead of Yankees/Redsocks and Bears/Packers). This not only is due to the legendary coaches, but the fans themselves.

Alabama vs. Auburn

This heated rivalry in the heart of SEC country often has something to do with at least the SEC championship, if not more.

Texas vs Texas AM

Although the two are no longer in the same conference, this helped shape the sport of college football.

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