Great Sports Rivalries

The 10 Greatest College Sports Rivalries

When it comes to sports rivalries, colleges have that market cornered with very long histories and colorful stories. Rivalries come with passion and hatred from both schools for each other. We’ll take a look at the greatest rivalries in college sports today.

10. Louisville and Kentucky – The Cardinals and Wildcats have had a storied basketball rivalry for years.

9. Brigham Young University and Utah – Called the “Holy War”, these two colleges are only separated by a 45 minute drive.

8. USC and Notre Dame – This rivalry has been around for 86 years, The USC Trojans have dominated in recent years. This is the biggest rivalry in terms of distance between the two schools.

7. Indiana and Purdue – The Indiana Civil War, north (Purdue) and south (Indiana) have a rivalry intense as any other.

6. Florida and Florida State – This was one of the biggest SEC rivalries during the 1990s. It was Bobby Bowden versus Steve Spurrier in a coaching shootout every year during that period.

5. Army and Navy – A classic and long-standing rivalry between these two branches of the Armed Forces goes back over 100 years.

4. Oklahoma and Texas – The “Red River Rivalry” is an annual tradition since 1900, with the Longhorns leading the Sooners 59-42-5.

3. Auburn and Alabama – One of the oldest SEC rivalries and also one of the most intense. The “War Eagle!” cry was originated during this storied history by Auburn fans.

2. Duke and North Carolina – Both campuses are eight miles apart from each other which intensifies this storied basketball rivalry.

1. Michigan and Ohio State – The “Nine Year War” from 1969-1978 is what made this rivalry click. With Bo Schembechler’s Wolverines against Woody Hayes’s Buckeyes, this was a very heated rivalry year after year.

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