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Red Sox Rivalry and the Curse

Few sports rivalries even come close to the one held between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Their rivalry is so well-known that even other countries where baseball is known – say Japan – are familiar both with the strife and the curse.

To understand it better, we must journey back to the early 20th century to the time of baseball greats like Babe Ruth. The curse was said to have begun when Babe “The Bambino” Ruth was sold to the now-rivals of the Sox – the Yankees.

Prior to that fateful day and the curse, the Red Sox were one of the undisputed best teams in baseball history. Every challenger that stepped to this mighty team fell in a blaze of defeat – there was just no stopping them.

However, shortly after the deal was made, the Red Sox experience what some could only describe as a curse. Possessed by an almost supernatural inability to make it to the World Series, it would be a long and terrible 86 years before they finally made it out.

And sure, despite the alleged “lifting” of the alleged curse, the rivalry still runs hot today. If you’re a super fan like most, you get your sports through; really pay attention, next time. Watch the teams take their positions, watch how they approach one another.

They may start out professional, but there is hate in those eyes.

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